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Soflens Natural Colours

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Soflens Natural Colour
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Product Info

Update June 2024: Bausch & Lomb are discontinuing Soflens Natural Colors. If your powers are shown in the drop-down list, then we still have them in stock for supply. If it is unavailable, we recommend Freshlook Color Blends as a possible alternative. Please check with your Optometrist before changing lens brand.

Soflens Natural Colors by Bausch & Lomb are daily wear monthly disposable contact lenses available in 10 stunning shades of brilliant natural colours

Soflens Natural Colors has improved colour printing technology, the coloured "ink" is contained within the lens core, creating an outstanding level of comfort with long wearing times.
The bi-curve design with blended junction and mid-peripheral thickness of Soflens Natural Colors provides easy handling and a comfortable wearing experience.

Soflens Natural Colour

Whether you are looking to change your eye colour every day, or just for special occasions Soflens Natural colors are a great choice. Available in minus powers up to -6.00 and also in Plano (no power). If you are longsighted and require plus powers, checkout FreshlookColorblends

Soflens Natural Colors are designed to be worn daily and removed at night for up to 30 wears, this can be consecutively or over a period of time, providing the contact lenses are cleaned and stored in fresh solution between uses.

Why Choose Soflens Colors

  • Monthly disposable coloured contact lenses
  • Coloured contact lenses from notable manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
  • Available in 10 Natural looking colours
  • Available in Plano and minus powers
  • Designed for increased comfort and wearing experience

All colours represented are only approximate and may appear different on the eye, depending on your eye colour. 


Recommended Cleaning Solution

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Rated 3.3/5 based on 53 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Platinum( gray) rocks!

try these , specially if you have dark eyes for a dramatic ice effect, because its gray and not blue or green it mixes with your colour making it look natural, but hella fresh! everyone will compliment your eyes! ive bought them more than 7 times now, and i have tried every colour and most brands, these are the best by far ( gray)

By from London on 22.10.2008 19:44

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Great if colourblends don`t fit well!!

I had been using Freshlook colourblends but they are slightly too big for my eyes and you can see my natural colour around the pupil. These softlens contacts are available in a smaller radius and fit my eyes perfectly! I have dark blue eyes and the Platinum colour look great as they actually lighten my eyes to a pale blue/ grey and look quite striking (but still really natural). I do also like the colourblends in grey but the result on blue eyes is very different to these as they have a green tinge.

By from London on 19.02.2009 12:27

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Pacific Blue & Platinum Review.

So I purchased two pairs of these contacts last week in the Pacific Blue color and Platinum. Before these, I was using Freshlook Colorblends in the Sapphire Blue color, and since the Base Curve is 8.6, alot of of the brown of my own eye colour showed up and it looked fake. I chose the 8.4 Base Curve with these, and I love it, as it hides my original medium brown eye colour! Anyway, lets start with the Pacific Colored Lenses. I don`t like these, because it is a very icey grey color, and it looks un-natural to me. My eyes are Medium Brown without lenses, and the Platinum color just didn`t work for me. I had also bought the Pacific Blue color, and I love these! They were able to hide all of the brown of my eyes and replace it with a beautiful, light blue color, similar to Natural Touch and Elegance Opaques (which Paris Hilton wear), which are two times expensive than these! If you want to change your eye color completly, and get a nice black ring to outside the color to make it look natural for a low price, then you should purchase these!

By from Ireland. on 16.11.2009 03:00

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Super service !!! order these to be delivered in south Africa , Love the brand and colour . I can no longer get this colour here so would rather ship from around the world than change ,

By from JHB -South Africa on 16.10.2019 15:02

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India (brown) blend well to produce a dark green when worn on blue eyes. While the result is not as dark as colorblends brown which produces a green-brown, it is far more natural-looking & provides a striking black outline of both the pupil & iris - far thicker than that of colorblends. Frankly, colorblends look ridiculous. They have a massive gap around the pupil and are off-centered. I highly recommend these for a 33% lighter, but 2x better quality result. Also I feel the reports of discomfort are from first-time coloured contacts wearers. While the edges initially felt slightly noticeable in my eyes (similar to half that of wearing colorblends inside out), it took just several hours of wear for them to sit at the comfort level I'm used to with colorblends (I know they're there if I think about it, but I don't care).

By from London, UK on 15.07.2017 09:12

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Much better than colorblends

I bought brown (india) & naturally have blue eyes. The result is so much better than freshlook colorblends, which look absurdly fake with the massive hole around the iris (and to add insult to injury, off-centeredness). It's almost like they're trying to sabotage their customers! While the result of these is not as dark as colorblends (which produce a green-brown), it blends excellently to produce a dark green look with a strong black outline which is thicker than that of colorblends. The lenses themselves are simply brown, however. As for the reported discomfort, the reports are ridiculous and are obviously from first-time coloured lenses wearers. The edges initially feel slightly noticeable compared to colorblends (similar discomfort to maybe half that of wearing colorblends inside out), but I expect this is just a matter of getting used to them.

By from London, UK on 14.07.2017 19:30

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Softlens Natural Colors - India

Not impressed with these lenses, color is great but comfort is not.
I will be using these for emergency only & will not be re ordering. Upon every blink, it feels like i have grit/sand in my eye (not good) & end up being very red/blood shot.

By from Durham on 20.08.2016 10:30

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Looking for BROWN LENSES? Don't get these!!! I bought these as I fancied a change from Freshlook colour blends which I normally get in brown and they look amazing- I get lots of compliments on my eyes and NO ONE can tell they are contact lenses!
After reading a lot of reviews I decided to get the India and Pacific lenses. Awful. Just awful. Wish I hadn't wasted my money! They both look ridiculously fake, particularly the Pacific ones, which are just like any generic blue lenses, which always look really fake and not like any real colour eyes and show up really obviously.
The India were more of a Hazel than a brown, where as the picture has showed them looking even darker than Freshlooks! So disappointing! Also the iris diameter is massive so this makes it look even more fake as your own eyes show through.
Also the lenses themselves are thick, rigid and uncomfortable.
I don't understand why it's so difficult to take an actual picture of the lenses in their container as well as a person wearing them , rather than an artists impression?! One let down of this site, which is otherwise excellent, and I have been an loyal customer of as years- in fact, off to order some more Freshlooks Colourblends right now... which I suggest you do too if you want Brown Lenses, they are the only ones to get!

By from Chester, UK on 24.08.2015 23:18

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Beautiful colour but shockingly painful!

I have hazel/green eyes and decided to buy the Emerald contacts. The colour was the most natural yet striking contacts I've ever bought. HOWEVER, after half an hour my eyes started to sting, my eyes were terribly bloodshot and it was painful to blink! I have never worn such horrible lenses in all my years. I am so disappointed because if these were comfortable, I would have rated them 5 stars as the colour is so beautiful.

By from Northern Ireland on 02.11.2012 16:17

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the only bright but natural lens you can get

I wear the amazon and jade colours (green) and they also have a slight dark limbal rim making them look sexy, natural and pretty on the eyes. These by far outshine freshlook in terms of colour, look, shine and comfort. i choose a base curve of 8.7 (standard) and these remind me of the elegance lenses that were previously available but no longer are-so great for those seeking to replace those. Very beautiful lenses-i have dark brown eyes and these lighten a treat-tghe platinum ones are extremely light also, freshlook just dont lighten enough. These atre lovely

By from London on 20.08.2012 12:27

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Softlens Jade

I brought these and I have tried many contacts all fine but as soon as I put them in I was in pain and struggled to take them out it left me with an eye infection so just don't try them on a day your due to go out

By from Unknown location on 11.06.2012 02:33

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Blue eyes to Brown with 'India'

My natural eye color is blue and I wanted to go dark brown. Soflens' India lenses look SO natural, but made my eyes more of a Hazel/Green rather than a brown. But I still love them!
I have been wearing regular contacts since I was 11 and I just assumed all those bad reviews on comfort level were written by non-contacts-wearing-pansies. I now understand that they indeed are more uncomfortable than the regular contacts. I can usually wear them for 8 hours with only occasional minor discomfort. My trick is to use a gel-like eye drop and place one drop in the contact just before insertion. It helps.

By from San Francisco, United States on 18.05.2012 22:43

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wast of money

this lenses are very uncomfortable but the service is very good and speedy delivery.i used to order from this web is great .

By from Belfast on 10.01.2012 10:09

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I have medium brown, I am hispanic with black hair and the platinum look amazing, compliments everywhere and people really have to get close to see they are contacts, otherwise they think i am blessed with gorgeous eyes...hehehe. If you are used to freshlook colorblends you will notice these to be a bit thicker and might get drier, depends on your level of tolerance but this doesn't bother me. Very worth it for natural but striking looking eyes. Im trying Indigo color next!

By from Florida, US on 02.01.2012 16:53

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Fantastic on dark brown eyes-look totally natural

I used to wear freshlook but found they didnt always look natural in all lighting and conditions. These lenses totally fool people into thinking they are the actual color of your lenses, i wear the Jade and Amazon shades and noone has ever doubted my green looking eyes-they alsp beautify the eye and come in a small and average diamter-perfect for small irises. Platnum is amazimg-just look on you tube at all the videos dedicated to this particular colour-they look so real, and are far superior than freshlook. i also find these lenses last longer than freshlook-these lenses keep their shape and are excellent all round-esp if you have dry eyes.

By from London on 23.12.2011 01:37

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Very Pleased

Im really happy and pleased with these lenses, I ordered Pacific blue and India. I find these lenses very comfortable, there is absolutely NO IRRITATION at all, I did feel a little Blurry vision but after few hrz it was all well. I was scared after reading some of the reviews but Im really happy now, Lenses fit very well, look very good and very natural in my drak brown eyes. Thanks!

By from Birmingham, UK on 09.12.2011 19:53

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very good

Very fast delivery with
Re- the lenses themselves, I've been using these for years. My natural eyes are 'middle' brown. These lenses cover my natural colour completely but look very natural at the same time. I've used emerald but it came out as a dark green. I wanted a lighter green and chose Jade, which is light and looks great. Topaz gives me very very intense dark blue eyes and Indigo subtle purple eyes. People don't notice that I wear contacts, and I get complements from strangers, men and women, for the colour. These lenses have only 38% water. Thus, are a bit more rigid than more 'watery' lenses, but this means they are easier to handle, because they are not so slippery, and as I tend to get dry eyes, these contacts don't get dry as easily as those of higher water content. I have tried Freshlook and found them very uncomfortable in my eyes. I recently tried Expressions in grey and the colour is more noticeably fake. They are more uncomfortable as well. I am short-sighted, so I need to correct my vision and this is why I have many pairs of contacts. With B&B lenses my vision is very clear, even at night. With the Expressions, sometimes my lower peripheral vision on the left eye is a bit blurred.
I now know that the B&B are the best contacts for me.

By from South East, UK on 28.11.2011 01:30

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Very uncomfortable

The colour i tried was brilliant (platinum) but contacts were so uncomfortable. I wear them just twice and in both cases i had to take them off after one hour. My eyes were itchy, dry and my vision blur. I would not reccomend this brand.

By from Limassol, Cyprus on 25.09.2011 09:07

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Brilliant natural looking colour which pops

Im using Jade, the lightest of the greens here, its fantastic and looks very real. My eyers are dark brown and these drmatically and significantly lighten my eye colour, and are much much better than Freshlook which are much darker in comparison. The comfort level is the same and these lenses have a dark outer ring which also adds beauty to the eye. They also come in a smaller base curve which is good for me as i have a smaller iris.

By from London on 19.09.2011 11:49

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1st TrY

Having used fresh colorblends for everr, i thot id try something new, whilst these are bright and stand out I personally found them too unrealistic looking, i am dark skinned and have brown eyes and where the fresh look colorblends look natural and often have people fooled, these definitely look like you have contacts in. Having said that they felt fine in the eye and I probably will try another colour in this brand, just perhaps a more subtle colour, the illustration doesnt show what these would look like and it would just be more helpful if the pictures actually showed the lenses being worn....

By from London, UK on 14.08.2011 00:52

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By from Asda gloucester on 18.06.2011 19:23

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The colour is quite subtle and nice but it they hurt your eyes so bad!! After a few minutes my eyes were red and felt painful. Also they don`t stay in place, one of my contacts kept on moving around in my eye!!

By from Unknown location on 17.06.2011 13:23

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Ordered the lenses at the end of March, for going on Holiday in May.
Excrutiatingly painful, and despite attempting own solution to soak these, they did not become any more comfortable.
On attempting to return them, explaining that they had only just been opened. were not willing to refund. Beware trying to return shoddy lenses!
Editors comment: I apologise that on this occasions we were unable to refund or exchange your lenses, this was due to the length of time between order and the request.

By from Scotland on 24.05.2011 14:50

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