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Biomedics is one of CooperVision’s best-selling soft contact lens brands. Noted for their aspheric design, Biomedics lenses now come in monthly, weekly, and daily disposable varieties. Today, there are even Biomedics lenses targeted to patients with common vision disorders like astigmatism.

Although these contacts are usually associated with astigmatic and presbyopia patients, nearsighted patients can also benefit from CooperVision’s Biomedics brand. Keep reading to learn more about how Biomedics might be the right fit for your vision needs. Of course, we’ll also share how you could get a pair of Biomedics lenses via

What Are Biomedics Contact Lenses?

Biomedics is a soft contact lens brand created by the American company CooperVision. Based in California, CooperVision is now one of the world’s largest producers of contact lenses with markets in hundreds of countries. Other popular CooperVision brands also available on include Biofinity and Avaira.

In contrast to CooperVision’s other brands, the lenses under the Biomedics label are aspheric. As you might already know, most soft contact lenses have a spherical design with equal refractive correction wherever you look. Aspheric lenses, on the other hand, have slightly different powers at different locations.

Interestingly, aspheric lens designs are closer to the eye’s natural curvature versus spherical contacts. Indeed, since spherical lenses are so unnatural, they often warp how light passes into the eyes and cause distorted vision. Usually, patients who use aspheric lenses say they experience clearer vision compared with spherical contacts.

Aspheric lenses are most often prescribed to patients with visual disorders like astigmatism or presbyopia. The different prescription strengths throughout these lenses help naturally correct many ocular abnormalities.

For those who are curious, the primary material used in Biomedics lenses is the highly breathable ocufilcon D. Other Biomedics features worth noting include UV protection and a slight blue tint (which helps users find the lens should they drop it).

What Biomedics Lenses Are On

Are you interested in trying a pair of Biomedics lenses? If so, then you should check out the four Biomedics varieties now available on While you’re browsing our contact lens selection, please remember offers free shipping on any UK order over £30.

Biomedics 55 Evolution

Patients who are searching for the standard Biomedics design should look into the monthly disposable Biomedics 55 Evolution. Although these lenses have an aspheric shape, they are not as strong as toric contacts. This means they are ideal for near or farsighted patients who only have slight astigmatism.

All of the Biomedics 55 Evolution boxes on contain six lenses packed in sterile saline. Please check the manufacturer’s official expiration date before using these contact lenses.

For more info on Biomedics 55 Evolution, we recommend visiting this link to

Biomedics 1 Day Extra

If you want all of the benefits of Biomedics 55 in a dailies form, then you should look into the Biomedics 1 Day Extra line. As the name suggests, 1 Day Extra lenses are only good for one day of use. Other than that, these lenses have all the same features of standard Biomedics lenses including breathable ocufilcon D, UV-blocking technology, and blue tints.

All of the Biomedics 1 Day Extra boxes on contain 30 lenses in sterile blister packs. Customers who want to take a closer look at Biomedics 1 Day Extra lenses should click on this webpage.

Biomedics Toric

Biomedics now offers astigmatism patients the choice of monthly and daily disposable toric lenses. You’ll find the monthly disposable contacts listed as Biomedics Toric and the dailies under the Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric name. offers both of these toric varieties under our CooperVision tab. You could also find these and many more toric lenses on this page dedicated to astigmatism contacts.

Monthlies vs. Dailies: Which Is The Better Lens?

If you ask optometrists to choose between monthly and daily disposable contacts, usually they will side with dailies. Yes, daily disposable contacts have a lower risk of infection, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best option for everyone.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when trying to choose between these popular lens types.

Pros & Cons Of Monthly Lenses

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: monthly disposable contacts carry a higher risk of infection. Even with immaculate hygiene practices, you can never eliminate the chances of bacterial, viral, or fungal infections with monthlies.

Monthly contacts can also accumulate nasty protein deposits over time. In addition to clouding your vision, these accumulations can cause increased eye irritation over time.

With all those negatives, why would anyone consider wearing monthly disposable lenses? Well, the main reason people prefer monthly lenses is cost. Monthly disposable contacts are usually significantly cheaper than dailies.

Another positive for monthly lenses is that they come in more prescription grades than dailies. So, if you have a rare refractive error, then you might be forced to use a monthly contacts brand.

As a bonus, monthly contacts are the eco-friendly choice. Instead of throwing away 60 lenses per month, you only have to throw away 60 per year!

Pros & Cons Of Daily Contacts

As already mentioned, dailies are the safest soft contact lens on the market. By throwing away your contacts every night, you significantly reduce the odds of dealing with an eye infection. It’s also impossible for lipids to build up over one day of wear, so dailies eliminate the risk of protein deposits.

Daily contact lenses are also far more convenient than monthly contact lenses. While you still need to practice basic contact lens hygiene, you won’t have to spend a ton of time dousing daily lenses in solution. For this reason, dailies are a good option for new contacts wearers, kids, and people who don’t have time for long hygiene practices.

On the negative side, daily contacts are usually the priciest option. While you will save on contact lens solution, dailies are still more expensive than weekly or monthly lenses.

Another drawback with daily disposable lenses is they aren’t the most eco-friendly option. strongly encourages dailies wearers to throw their lenses in recycling bins every night.

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