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Dailies Aquacomfort Plus

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Dailies Aquacomfort Plus
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Product Info

Alcon`s Dailies Aquacomfort Plus daily contact lenses contain triple action moisturisers for increased comfort in daily disposable lenses, with a wide fitting range going up to +8.00 and -15.00 they allow more people to experience the comfort and convenience of daily disposable contact lenses.

Research has shown that end of day comfort is still the biggest concern for contact lens wearers. Alcon have addressed this problem by using the same ingredients found in artificial tears and rewetting drops PVA polymer, but they didn't stop there, - using a triple action moisturising system comprising of the compounds PVA, to offer extra comfort, PEG which works with the PVA to allows the lens to refresh and moisten the eye every time you blink and HPMC which is a cushioning agent to provide instant comfort. This is why Dailies Aquacomfort Plus can offer a blink activated moisturising system, offering all day comfort every day.

Alcon uses a unique LightStream technology to bring these three elements together offering the wearer quality and consistency for all day comfort with every lens.

Dailies AqaComfort Plus  are just part of the Aqua comfortplus family, they are available as toric and multifocal lenses.

Why Choose Dailies AquaComfort Plus

  • Blink activated moisture technology provides tear film stability even after 16 hours of wear
  • High water content of 69%
  • High range of powers from +8.00 o -15.00
  • High range of powers from +8.00 o -15.00
  • Convenience and comfort 
  • High levels of wearer satisfaction 4.5* from our customers


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Rated 4.5/5 based on 113 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Focus Daily Acuvue Lenses

Very comfortable lense. I used to have issues with them drying out however these remain moist and comfortable even when wearing for prolonged periods of time.

By from Clitheroe on 06.03.2020 14:25

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Good value and comfortable, good for wearing all day and long days

Comfortable, moist and dont dry out easily, I personally wear these every day for around 18 hours a day and have been using this brand for years!

By from Southapton on 05.03.2020 22:16

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if you usually buy the normal focus dailies these are 10 times better

Ok, regular user of the normal focus dailies for 8 years now and they did work but things change i guess. Recently over the past couple of months my eyes changed and they are much dryer than normal, happens every time i wear the normal focus dailies my eyes would become red and itchy i could only wear the contacts for a couple of hours, then i had to take them out. It got so.. frustrating so i stopped wearing them and turned back to my glasses. I done a bit of research on the contacts, and made my purchase i got the Focus Daily Aquacomfort Plus they are honestly 10 times better i don't have the itchy eye syndrome when i wear them and at the end of the day they are as moist as when i first put them in. It pays to research the best lenses for you i work with air conditioning, and lots of dust particles for up to 8 hours a day. Hope this review helps.

By from Glasgow on 13.01.2012 23:01

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no scratching

I have pretty dry eyes and have been wearing these lenses for a few years now because they are still comfortable at the end of the day

By from London, UK on 28.02.2010 00:12

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Very Good Dailies

A definite improvement on the regular Focus Dailies and did what it said on the tin; I got an extra two hours or so`s wear from them. Would recommend for sure. Now trying monthly, all-day-all-night lenses so will tell you all what I think in a month.

By from Shropshire on 20.01.2010 13:19

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Great lens and help to remove lenses from dry eyes!

I have tried all sorts of lenses over the years - wearer for 30+ years now - and find that these lenses are brilliant - I have tried others I can wear for longer but I always put my lenses in at 7.00 a.m. and take them out at c6.00 p.m so I can read the paper without my reading glasses! If I wear them for extra time (e.g. go out straight after work) or go into a really dry atmosphere (air con all day), stepping into the shower re-moisturises them so they are easy to take out. I have even slept in them and been able to easily remove them after shower!!!!

By from Channel Islands on 15.01.2010 19:05

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Great lenses

I have dry eyes but these are no problem, super comfortable best lenses ive ever had!!

By from Unknown location on 20.12.2009 14:21

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Best dailies I`ve tried so far for dry eyes

The first time I tried them they irritated my eyes almost immediately, perhaps as I hadn`t worn contacts for a while. However, after that they have been great - I`ve been able to wear them for much longer periods of time than previous lenses before noticing wearing them, and I have dry and tired eyes! Am re-ordering them again and would recommend, although I`ve only ever tried dailies so perhaps there are other better ones out there.

By from London, Uk on 31.10.2009 18:29

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Terrible - can`t wait to get through the pack and buy different ones

I`ve always use oasys 2 weekly but wanted some dailies. There is nothing comfortable about Aquacomfort. I will not be buying these again - waste of money!

By from Bristol on 18.07.2009 16:28

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very good lenses

I have very dry eyes and wear lenses occasionally, like for the weekend or special meeting. I used basic Focus Dailies before but only for up to 6-8 hours, or my eyes would itch and hurt. With these lenses I can extend the wearing time to even 12 hours, which is fantastic. When I happened to forget to take them out overnight I suffered half the discomfort as when wearing the previous ones for a day. The cost of these really good lenses is amazingly low, which makes them the best value for money deal ever.
I will use these lenses until I find anything more suitable for my very dry eyes.
Plus, this is definitely the best website to buy lenses from.

By from East Anglia on 09.06.2009 13:56

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Excellent service and quality of the lens

I ordered the lens with the wrong power and therefore have to return it - but the service was excellent and quick! I got the lens straight after the day I asked for the exchange product!
I then tried them on today and at first I wasn`t really used to it as I haven`t been wearing lens for a long time, but now I just don`t feel like I am wearing any lens - they are so comfortable!
I will definitely recommend the product and the site!

By from UK on 07.05.2009 15:19

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Not that great

Thinking this might be the same as Accuvue advance 2weekly, i was disappointed. My eyes do dry out with normal contact lenses but noticed that these contacts added more mositure, but unfortunately i didnt feel the benefit and will be returning to my usual in accuvue contact lenses

By from Birmingham on 19.02.2009 20:40

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great if you want to peel the lens off your eye!

I suffer from quite dry eyes and for years have been using the daily acuvue moisture+ lenses. Seeing as these are new, I thought I would give them a go, big mistake! I wore them for a couple of hours today (2?) and it took me about half an hour to get the lens out of my eye as it was practically stuck! It was actually really scary! What a waste of £40. I would recommend the acuvue moisture + lenses over these any day.

By from London on 13.11.2008 22:32

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I can see better in these than Acuvue Advance 2 week disposables. Plus they are more comfortable.

By from Unknown location on 11.09.2008 14:17

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fantastic best ever lens

so comfortable all day and evening. I have mildly dry eyes but have no problems at all with these lens

By from London uk on 03.09.2008 19:29

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i rated this item very good

By from Uk on 19.08.2008 13:47

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