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1 Day Acuvue TruEye

30 Lenses per box

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1 Day Acuvue TruEye
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Update: 1 Day Acuvue Trueye has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is unavailable from 1 July 2022. Some powers will be in stock after this date - if you see your power in the power drop down list, then you can still order. We recommend Acuvue Oasys with Hydraluxe Technology contact lenses as a replacement.

Johnson and Johnson's latest generation of Acuvue daily contact lenses is the 1-DAY ACUVUE TruEye. This advanced lens combines the benefits of more oxygen transmission (98%) with the highest UV protection (96% of UVA and 100% UVB blocked) to bring you a contact lens that can be worn comfortably and safely each day and then be thrown away.

The TruEye contact lens is a world first for incorporating a new generation silicone into a daily lens, the result is a contact lens that lets almost 100% of the oxygen in the air to your eye. 1 Day Acuvue TruEye also has a high volume of moisture rich wetting agent embedded in the lens, making the lens ultra smooth for all day comfort and an ideal solution in our digital world where extra screen time can cause dry eyes.

1-DAY ACUVUE TruEye also have a visibility tint for ease of handling and a `123` indicator for ease of insertion.

Other options

1 Day Acuvue Trueye is a silicone daily disposable contact lens and can be on the expensive end, if you are looking for an alternative daily disposable silicone hydrogel lens there are not too many options, you can check out Dailies Total 1 which is similar infit and price but if you love the silicone hydrogel feel but don't love the price check out Crystal Air Daily at only £14.00 per box you can save a whopping £19.98 per month!

We have had 1000's of customers successfully change between 1 Day Acuvue Trueye and Crystal Air Daily. 

Why choose 1 Day Acuvue Trueye

  • 1-2-3 inside out indicator making them a great choice for new to contact lenses wearers
  • Daily disposable Silicone Hydrogel contact lens allowing longer wear times
  • Superb all day comfort
  • A Johnson and Johnson quality contact lens
  • Comes in 2 fittings and a wide range of powers

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1 Day Acuvue Trueye        £47.98/30 pairs £575.76  

Crystal Air Daily

£28.00/30 pairs


£239.76 EVERY YEAR!

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Rated 3.9/5 based on 63 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Great all round lens

Comfortable contact lens, good for all day wear including work and sport - never really gets dry etc. Highly recommend this product to other contact lens wearers.

By from London, UK on 20.03.2020 21:54

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Have been using this for years and it is good, really comfortable to wear.

By from Unknown location on 28.02.2020 23:08

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Best brand I've tried

Compared to other dailies, these are the most comfortable contact lenses I've worn. Normally I can't wear lenses for more than a few hours, but these stay moist for much longer.

By from London, UK on 02.03.2020 19:43

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Surprisingly problematic

I`ve had the same experience as others with misshapen lenses, not loads but enough that I`ve noticed it. However that is not the main problem I`ve had with these lenses. I switched from Acuvue moist to these to try them out and was pretty dissapointed. It may have just been my eyes as a lot of people rate these but they irritated my eyes and became uncomfortable after about 4 hours of wear. Maybe I`m allergic to the material or somethingbut I`m going back to acuvue moist, which thankfully are cheaper.
Editors Comment: It can be the higher silicone content in the lens, which is basically a hydrophobic material. However, it is great for oxygen transmission.

By from The Mild West on 29.04.2015 16:57

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Good outweighs the bad

I agree with a lot of the poor reviews. Usually about 3 pairs are misshaped and unwearable. Occasionally I've experienced cloudiness too so I never go anywhere without a few spare sets in my bag! As frustrating as this is, most of the time ( when you get a good pair) they are the most comfortable lenses I've had and I can wear them for hours and hours without my eyes feeling sore. They are not ideal for reading in but I find that with all lenses. I wouldn't go back to any others as when I tried a cheaper alternative I could only manage about 10 hours in them.

By from Stamford UK on 24.04.2015 18:23

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OK OK Type

some time i find those lense out of shape

By from UK on 11.02.2014 12:09

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how do they justify price hike

These are very good and the delivery service is spot on, i have my "main" supply of Acuvue tru eye delivered by Boots however as many on here report , i find at least 3-5 damaged distorted or torn with every monthly batch , therfore within a few months my "buffer supply" is gone and i order "spares on here"......however 12 months ago they were charging �£48 then �£50 and now �£59....which now leads me to rethink my orders and i will simply put an additional order in with boots every so often , they charge �£42 which includes an a regular check up ????

By from Sheffield on 23.10.2013 14:02

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The most comfortable lenses I have ever worn

I have been using contact lenses for 20 years and at least 10 of those years I have been wearing daily disposables.
I had previously worn Focus Dailes and One Day Acuvue, which were fine for weekend wear but used to dry up when I was working for 8 hours a day in a office with air con and using a computer.
An optician recommended I try these TruEye lenses when they first came out and I was very pleased that I did. I can wear them all day while staring at a computer screen and they remain comfortable.
The only issue I have found is there are a few lenses per delivery that are a little deformed. This can mean that 2-3 lenses need to be thrown away. I would suggest that Johnson and Johnson have a look at their quality control as various reviewers have this same issue.
Overall, if you work in an office environment, with air con and if you tend to suffer with dry eye, ask your optician for a trial.

By from Stafford on 30.09.2013 15:03

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These lenses are great. Vison correction and comfort 10/10. Convenience 10/10. I am grateful they exist.

By from London , UK on 23.09.2013 15:00

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Mishapen, squashed and sometimes deformed lenses in pack

I tried the new TruEyes hoping for a more comfortable fit, yet many of the lenses in the pack where bent out of shape and made for an uncomfortable fit and had to be thrown away. At least 3 times i discovered lenses with slight cutouts from the edges making the lenses useless and also had to be thrown away. I have tried many types of daily disposables and for the price of the product (expensive) I must say I have never had to throw away so many lenses before. Very disappointed and wont be using Trueye again.

By from Portsmouth, UK on 21.03.2013 02:39

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Good but solution burns and eyes sometimes go red.

Lense is good. Can last a long time. However, the solution burns my eye initially. This does subside. For a box of 60 lenses only 1 was deformed and unusable which is not a bad result to be fair.
Once I had to wear the same lense 3 days in a row (long story) and it was perfectly fine. No discomfort - even when i slept with it in.
Also, sometimes my eyes will go red with these lenses. It's not really related to how long they are in for though. Once I had to wear the same lense 3 days in a row (long story) and it was perfectly fine. No discomfort.

By from London, UK on 15.01.2013 12:11

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A Good Lense

I've been wearing these lenses for over a year. I wanted a lense that had more oxygen transfer to the cornea and the optician informally recommended these. I've not changed to a different lense since. I can wear them all day without problems. Occasionally I've accidentally fallen asleep with them in and it hasn't been a problem taking them out. However, I wouldn't recommend falling asleep with them in as your eyes are very sore as a result. Overall, a good lense with a bonus UV filter!

By from Newcastle, UK on 14.01.2013 12:30

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not convinced.

i have used the regular one day acuvue all my life, without a problem, so much so i used to forget to take them out so comfortable they were... sadly they have now stopped making them so had no choice but to try these... about fiver extra per box, have tried them for a week now and have decided they are pretty awful..... almost immediately my eyes started feeling gritty... several hours later really stinging eyes.
the texture was strange, hard to put in eye and difficult to remove.
will get through the box then try another type. apologies for no capital letters my computer is old and frail.

By from Bexleyheath on 11.01.2013 23:48

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True Eye - best yet

I've been using Acuvue True Eye for several months and have not had a single bad lens or any problem at all. Easily the most comfortable lens I've ever had. Don't be put off by those reviews claiming torn or misshapen lens, try them for yourself.

By from Thailand on 10.12.2012 04:33

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Misshapen lenses

As with the previous commentator, I have found several misshapen lenses but only on my right eye prescription which means I have over a week' s worth left of the left eye, which is really annoying because you do pay a premium. That aside, they are fantastically moist and remain fresh until late at night. Acuvue should take a look to the 'distortion factor'. Perhaps we should send in all the soiled ones and start a campaign!

By from Cardiff on 27.11.2012 14:30

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Great Lens

I struggle with dry eyes especially with normal contact lens. But these are amazing I can wear them for 12+ hrs and still not have tired eyes. I recommend these, can't wait for the next one's which come out.

By from Shropshire on 26.08.2012 20:33

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Comfy but mis-shapes

Hi- interesting comment by other user. I, too, love them yet find there are mis-shapes which I end up throwing away. Thought it was just me! Shame as they really are the most comfy I've found.

By from Bournemouth on 07.03.2012 07:48

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Easily the worst contact lenses I have ever tried. I didn't have one day where I had to either change my lenses or put my glasses on. I will gladly be going back to my usual acuvue dailies, cheaper and much more comfortable. Would not recommend at all.

By from London on 08.02.2012 10:35

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Attract oil making vision blurred

I have very dry eyes so need to use eye drops frequently. I was recommended these lenses by my optician however when I wear them it attracts oil from the eye and any eye drops that have been used and makes the vision blurred. I need to change the lenses 2-3 times day!

By from London, UK on 04.01.2012 16:33

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Would be 0 stars if I could select 0

Worst lenses ever and waste of money. I normally wear Acuvue Moist but wanted to try the newest lens available as I suffer from dry eyes and frequently have to use eye drops to keep them moist. Not long after inserting TruEye lenses, my vision became clouded and blurred. Soon I could barely see anything. Even after removing and rinsing, the lenses were covered with a cloudy residue. I have tried wearing these lenses on several different occasions and each time the same thing has happened. An optician explained that the silicon in the lenses reacted with my eyes to cause the cloudiness so they are totally unsuitable for my eyes. BEWARE!

By from UK on 13.12.2011 17:29

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Not the best lenses I have tried.

The silicone TruEye lenses are noticeably stiffer/thicker than 'normal' 1-Day Acuvue lenses. I find them less comfortable and they seem to dry out more. Obviously everything is subjective, but personally I shall revert to standard Acuvue.
I also agree with the reviewer who found some misshapen lenses. I too have found a few in each box, which should not be the case with a very premium price lens from Johnson & Johnson.

By from Surrey, UK on 06.12.2011 10:51

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Best daylies ever

Maximum confort, clear vision even at night. Though, they cannot be removed even for one hour and reused ... they loose easily their form.

By from Thessaloniki, Greece on 26.11.2011 07:15

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Totally comfortable. They so far seem untearable well worth the extra money. Have a few mishaped but they sort themselves out once in the eye.

By from London on 12.10.2011 08:34

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