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Can Contact Lenses fall out of your eyes?

Wind and Contact LensesWith normal use, soft contact lenses will stay firmly in position. Soft contact lenses are particularly stable, and are unlikely to dislodge, even doing active sports.

However, they can come out under certain conditions:

Can High Winds Cause your Contact Lenses to fall out?

High winds can cause the eyes to water and cause the lens to move more, increasing the chance of lens loss. This can of course come from being out on a windy day, or being on a motorbike or pushbike without a visor or sunglasses that can cause the eye to water more than normal. It is unusual for the lens to water so much that it will fall out, but add wiping away the tears, and the lens can dislodge or fall out. Skiing is another good example of where, without a good ski mask, increased winds can cause the contact lens to fall out.

Will Sports Cause a Contact Lens to fall out?

Maybe. Although soft lenses in particular are well suited to most sports, there are some things to be aware of.

  1. Make sure your lenses are well fitted.
    Contact lenses are designed to move on the eyes and a well fitting lens will move just enough to allow for an exchange of air and tears. Too much movement, however, can cause the lens to slide around which can increase the risk of it being dislodged with active sports.If your contact lens seems to be moving too much, or falls out easily, have a word with your Optometrist who may be able to rectify the situation by changing the fit of the contact lens.
  2. Highly active sports like martial arts are ideal for soft contact lenses - and far safer than glasses. However, there is a chance that a finger can catch you eye and cause the contact lens to be dislodged or fall  out. Always have a spare at hand.
  3. Scuba diving or swimming: If you are wearing contact lenses when scuba diving or swimming and your goggles or mask is dislodged, or if you open your eyes underwater, or get water splashed into your face, you may lose a lens. This increases the possibility of getting an infection form the water, particularly from swimming pools and you can find that the contact lenses absorb chlorine, which can then be bound into the contact lens and released into your eye later, resulting in discomfort. Optometrists advice is, if you swim or dive a lot, to get a pair of prescription goggles or diving mask, rather than wear contact lenses.
  4. Gas permeable Contact Lenses & Sport
    Gas permeable contact lenses are much more mobile than soft lenses and can easily be dislodged with sport and fall out of your eyes. Soft lenses are recommended for most sports, due to their stability in the eye.

Can Contact Lenses Fall Out when I Rub My eyes?

Rubbing EyesRubbing your eyes should generally be avoided, as it can not only introduce bacteria to your eyes, but you can also inadvertently displace your contact lenses and cause them to fall out.

Can I Blink Out my Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses will not normally fall out of your eyes when you blink. They are specifically designed to have a smooth edge that slides under your lids when you blink. However, when your eyes are watering a lot, then a blink may be all it takes to casue your contact lens to fall out.

My Contact Lenses Fall Out Just After I Put them in?

This especially happens when you are new to contact lenses and your insertion technique is not yet smooth and automatic. In the first few days of learning how to handle your contact lenses you will inevitably not get them in on the first attempt. All that extra poking about will cause your eyes to water more than normal and this can cause the lens to fall out. After a week or two of practicing, you will be able to put them in like a pro and your problems will be behind you.

Will Crying with Contact Lenses Cause them to Fall Out?

Crying increases the flow of tears, which causes the lenses to move more and that can cause the contact lens to fall out. When you cry, dab the corner of your eyes with a tissue to absorb tears, rather than rubbing them vigorously

Contact Lens Inserted 'Inside Out'

It is very easy to insert your lens inside out and this causes your contact lens to catch your lids and slide around more than normal. As a result , it is easier for your contact lenses to become dislodged and fall out. If you are worried that you can't tell if your lenses are inside out, or how to correct this, then see our guide 'Are My Lenses Inside Out?'

What Should I do If My Contact Lens Falls Out of my Eye?

Find the lens and carefully inspect it. Is it damaged or torn or dried out? If it is do not put it back into your eye, but throw it away.

Once you have retrieved your lens you can assume it is no longer clean or sterile. You will need to clean it with a good All-In-One solution and reinsert it in your eye. If you don't have this available, on no account rinse your lenses in tap water or simply spit on them and reinsert (take it from us people do this!) as you can easily get an infection. Do not store your lens in tap water for the same reason. You will have to discard your lens and use a fresh one. That is why it is always a good idea to have a spare pair of lenses to hand and one of the reasons daily lenses are so good.

Describe to your eye care practitioner all of the circumstances in which you are likely to wear your contact lenses. This will help him or her prescribe a type of lens that is less likely to be dislodged given your activities.

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 24 Apr 2015, Last modified: 4 Mar 2020